Foot Scanner Technology

dr-foot-assessmentFoot pressure measurement systems provide unique insight on foot function and gait, helping clinicians conduct more complete assessments and objectively evaluate treatments. In the clinical setting, these systems are used by podiatrists, orthotists, prothestists, and physical therapists around the world to:

  • identify underlying pathomechanical dysfunctions
  • validate treatments
  • improve athletic performance
  • offload high pressure areas at increased risk for ulceration

there are in-shoe and floor mat plantar pressure measurement systems to diagnose the root cause of their patients’ problems and ensure effectiveness of prescription orthotics, rehabilitation and surgery.

Diabetic Offloading

High-resolution pressure sensors provide objective and accurate information on location and severity of high pressure areas on the plantar surface, making them an ideal tool for developing or selecting offloading footwear.

At Dr. foot clinic uses pressure measurement technology to quantify pressure at the ulcer site of a diabetic patient and confirm that the orthotic treatment is producing the desired effect, helping her patient heal faster and avoid further complications.

Sports Medicine

Athletic trainers and podiatric specialists use pressure measurement to get their patients back on their feet and back in the game faster. At dr. foot clinic uses the F-Scan on himself to treat his knee pain associated with marathon running.

Pre- & Post- Treatment Evaluation

Plantar pressure and timing data provides clinicians with an objective way to measure change after or during treatment or rehabilitation. At dr. foot clinic uses the F-Scan to assess the gait of a patient who suffers from chronic ankle and lower back pain following several knee surgeries. The patient had previously been treated with multiple ankle braces with no improvement.

Orthotic Prescription Confirmation

Prescription orthotics do not always produce the desired effect on the first try. In shoe pressure measurement removes the guesswork from orthotic development by allowing clinicians to validate new footwear immediately, improving patient comfort and reducing the need for follow-up visits. At dr. foot clinic uses I-sense true 3D laser scanner to assess a set of orthotics that have exacerbated a patient’s preexisting condition, and then to develop a new pair of orthotics and confirm their effectiveness.

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