Orthopedic Shoes Are Comfortable & Healthy

Men’s Orthopedic Shoes

dr-foot-men-orthopedic-shoesMen’s orthopedic shoes are vital to a healthy way of living so it comes to no surprise that as more and more men become health conscious, shoe companies are working harder to deliver orthopedic shoes for men that offer various health benefits and come in a variety of styles. At HealthyShoes.ca we offer just that – fashionable orthopedic shoes for men that are podiatrist recommended and manufactured to take care of your feet. The men’s orthopedic shoe industry has made a significant amount of changes to the type of styles and materials being used in the shoes so that men have more options to choose from. The days of wearing unpleasant looking orthopedic shoes are long gone and now men can feel comfortable wearing healthy shoes to just about any event that requires a good looking pair of shoes. Please take a look at our grand selection of men’s orthopedic shoes below. What separates us from other online retailers is the fact that over 90% of the shoes we carry have removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotics.

Men’s Orthopedic Shoes Will Stop the Pain

Believe it or not, men suffer just about the same as women do when it comes to wearing fashionable dress shoes. Unlike women that force themselves to wear unhealthy pumps or high heeled shoes, men squeeze their feet into nice looking narrow dress shoes that are often way too small for their feet. Toes end up smashed together because of the small narrow toe boxes and with each new step taken the weight of the body is unevenly distributed to the feet causing extreme pressure to the ball of foot and forefront areas. Hammertoes, bunions, corns, calluses, Metatarsalgia, neuromas, and other unhealthy foot conditions may be the end result. But it doesn’t end there. Men’s dress shoes often do not offer proper impact relief and arch supports because of their poorly designed lasts, outsoles, and insoles. Guess what usually happens when men’s dress shoes lack these features? More unhealthy foot problems can occur such as arch pain, heel pain, and ankle pain.

Poorly designed dress shoes can cause a great deal of damage to feet. Keep in mind that the same trendsetters who design women’s high heeled shoes come from the same school of thought as those who design men’s dress shoes that are not orthopedic. That is why you should shop at Healthyshoes.ca. We care about the health of your feet and at the same time offer stylish orthopedic shoes.

Orthopedic Shoes for Men Come in a Variety of Choices

Finding stylish men’s orthopedic shoes can be frustrating at times because of the lack of options available. You won’t run into that problem when shopping here because HealthyFeetStore.com offers orthopedic dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic & walking shoes, diabetic shoes, extra-extra depth shoes, therapeutic shoes, arthritis shoes, woundcare shoes, wide-extra wide shoes, golf shoes, and more.

All of these are podiatrist recommended and come in numerous styles, colors, and sizes. We’ve got men’s orthopedic shoes made from a variety of materials such as leather, oiled leather, suede leather, anti-microbial fabric, and air mesh. Features that can be expected include double depth foot beds to accommodate custom orthotics, breathable uppers, padded tongues, flexible rubber outsoles, firm heel counters, padded collars, and hook and loop closures.

Our selection is huge and we carry shoes from some of the top brands in the industry: Drew, P.W. Minor, Brooks, Orthofeet, Finn Comfort, Naot, Chaco, Alegria by PG Lite, and many more that can be found on our Shop by Brand Page. HealthyFeetStore.com is the number one place to shop for men’s orthopedic shoes because not only will you find shoes that are designed to help treat and prevent unhealthy foot problems, but discover numerous styles of orthopedic shoes that will prolong health and bring comfort back to your feet.

Women’s Orthopedic Shoes

dr-foot-women-orthopedics-hoesMany factors in a woman’s life can impact the health of her feet. Conversely, how she treats her feet can have a significant impact on her overall health. Don’t gamble with your health. Choose to care for yourself with the same attention you would for a loved one. Wearing orthopedic shoes has undeniable health benefits that podiatrists have been sharing with their patients for years.

Now, you can fill out your entire shoe collection with sandals, flats, sneakers, boots and even heels and wedge dress shoes with orthopedic features. Our shoes are able to incorporate structural supports and cushioning materials to maximize comfort.

Recognizable brands in the orthopedic market line our shelves, including brands like P.W. Minor, Alegria by P.G. Lite, Drew, Brooks, Klogs, NAOT, Finn Comfort, and Orthaheel Orthofeet. These brands have a proven record of crafting effective orthopedic shoes to treat many different types of ailments. Our shoes have been used to treat issues like hammertoes, calluses, deformed toes, fallen arches, wide feet, and bunions. These foot problems are commonly faced by women whose professional and social lives requires them to wear certain types of shoes like high heels.

A woman’s style is a representation of her unique personality. The drab, clunky shoes most people think of when they think of orthopedic shoes are no longer the status quo. The choices for stylish and trendy shoes are in huge supply at HealthyShoes.ca . We carry a growing selection of women’s specialty footwear in all of the most popular styles. Stylish materials like leather, mesh netting and canvas fabrics give these shoes the same look as regular trendy shoes. Smarter designs and improved technologies allow manufacturers to make the orthopedic features of these shoes more subtle and barely detectable. All anyone will see is a stylish pair of shoes!

Women’s orthopedic shoes, diabetic shoes, boots, sandals & more!

Women’s Orthopedic Shoes: Why They are Needed

Women of all ages are active in one way or another. Whether they’re busy in the corporate world walking from one meeting to the next, or running around the house chasing after kids and taking care of the household, or even trying to enjoy an active retirement in their golden years, women are unfortunately destined to fall victim to various unhealthy foot conditions.

Unhealthy foot conditions occur due to several reasons: wearing poorly designed shoes, injuries, age, or medical conditions. Hammertoes, calluses, deformed toes and bunions are common because unlike the majority of men, women love fashion; and sadly, designs of high-heeled pointed-toe shoes are favorites among trendsetters in the fashion industry.

These types of shoes are horrible for women’s feet because most of them have narrow pointed toe boxes and are tight fitted. By wearing these shoes, women’s toes end up crumpled in an unnatural shape forcing the shoes to distribute the body’s weight unevenly causing stress on the ball of foot and forefront areas. In other words, women’s feet will most likely develop foot problems.

So what’s the important message here? Buy and invest in podiatrist recommended orthopedic women’s shoes so that your feet stay healthy and comfortable – something you can do right here at HealthyShoes.ca.

Orthopedic Shoes for Women are Comfortable & Healthy

Typically when one thinks of the phrase “women’s orthopedic shoe” one tends to think of ugly shoes that shouldn’t see the light of day due to the fact that they’re unstylish. Well there’s no need to be embarrassed about your shoes after shopping at HealthyShoes.ca.

Shopping here means finding stylish women’s orthopedic shoes, diabetic shoes, therapeutic shoes, boots, sandals, athletic & training shoes, dress shoes, and casual shoes; all of which are podiatrist recommended and fall under the category of healthy shoes.

HealthyFeetStore.com carries women’s shoes that can help prevent, treat, and reduce pain caused by unhealthy foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, calluses, neuromas, and bunions. We carry women’s wide shoes, narrow shoes, shoes with extra depth, slip on shoes, and shoes with hook and loop closures.

Some of their features include flexible outsoles, breathable uppers, molded memory foam footbeds, removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotics, padded collars, and outsoles with added traction. Can it get any better than this? Orthopedic shoes for women are the way to go so don’t hesitate to start shopping today for shoes from one our popular brands. We carry P.W.

Minor, Alegria by P.G. Lite, Drew, Brooks, Klogs, NAOT, Finn Comfort, Orthaheel Orthofeet, and more. Stylish orthopedic women’s shoes will save your feet from unhealthy foot conditions and with the vast amount of improving styles on the rise; your feet will not only feel good but look great from the start of the day to the end.

Orthopedic Shoes for Kids

dr-foot-orthopedic-shoes-for-kidsWhether your child has an existing foot condition such as Sever’s disease (children’s heel pain) or painful flat feet, or you simply want to protect your child from developing foot problems later in life, HealthyShoes.ca has an orthopedic kid’s shoe that is fashionable and supportive all at once. Your child will love the comfort and freedom a pair of specialty shoes can give them, so they can get back to their regularly scheduled playtime.

Thanks to a continually expanding selection of high quality therapeutic and orthopedic children’s shoes and boots, the Healthy Feet Store is committed to helping children with unique foot care needs. Almost all our kids’ shoes have removable footbeds to accommodate children’s orthotics and arch supports. Many of our shoes also accommodate AFOs (ankle/foot orthoses) and KAFOs (knee/ankle/foot orthoses) which are braces that correct improper gait development.

Understanding children’s awareness of fashion, we provide a variety of stylish extra depth children’s medical shoes in colors that will blend in with the other kid’s shoes into a classroom setting and still comply with the podiatrist’s recommendations. Your child won’t feel like he or she uncomfortably stands out in a crowd and is free to run around the playground or walk around the classroom with ease.

Children’s Orthopedic Running & Hiking Shoes

Because of the greater flexibility in a kid’s foot compared to an adult’s foot, childhood foot problems are less common than adult foot problems. That doesn’t mean that foot pain and even foot injuries don’t still occur when a child routinely plays hard in overly flimsy shoes. When it comes to protecting your young athlete from foot injuries, prevention is particularly important. Children may not be mature enough to realize that a foot condition is developing until the pain can no longer be ignored and thus may not receive a diagnosis as early as they should. Avoiding any serious or chronic foot pain during childhood will have an important impact on your child’s foot development as he or she grows into an adult.

Just like adults, active kids need shoes that provide adequate arch support and heel support and absorb shock to reduce stress to joints while they exercise. The major difference between a children’s therapeutic running shoe and an adult’s therapeutic running shoe is that a kid’s running shoe tends to provide less motion control to allow little feet to continue to grow and develop without unnatural hindrance. Brooks Kid’s Running Shoes are fashionable, sturdy, and podiatrist approved to prevent running injuries in children and youth.

Children’s AFO & KAFO Shoes

Many of our shoes, including our Answer2 Kid’s Shoes and Keeping Pace Kid’s Shoes, are designed specifically to meet the needs of kids who wear AFO and KAFO braces. We also carry Pedors Children’s Stretchable Shoes, designed not only for AFO accommodation, but also to meet the needs of children with E.B. who often develop chronic foot wounds.

An AFO (ankle-foot orthosis) is a general term for any orthopedic brace worn over the foot and ankle. A KAFO is an ankle-foot orthosis that extends up to the knee. Take note: Most children’s orthopedic shoes that accommodate AFOs also accommodate KAFOs.

To accommodate a child’s AFO, a kid’s shoe should be a width larger than the child would need if he or she were not wearing a brace. For most children that means wearing a wide width kid’s shoe. If a children’s shoe is going to fit properly over an AFO it should also have extra depth. Dual removable insoles are another useful feature because they allow the shoe’s depth to be altered to adjust for leg length discrepancy.

Another factor to consider when selecting an AFO shoe for your child is quality of construction. The rigid structure of an AFO will wear a hole through the toe box of an overly flimsy shoe within a matter of weeks. An effective AFO shoe should be made from durable, high quality materials. This is both to provide adequate support and to ensure that you only have to buy a new pair when the child grows out of the shoe and not before.

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