Foot Accessories

Slip Sock

ddr-foot-slip-sockOften the most difficult part of applying medical compression stockings is getting them over the heel and ankle. The Slip Sock is designed to help open toe stockings slide smoothly onto the foot and over the ankle by reducing friction between the patient’s skin and the compression stocking.

Slide Slip Sock onto the foot, turn stocking inside out to the heel. Slide stocking over the Slip Sock until your heel is centered in the heel pocket of the stocking. Begin turning right side out gradually up the leg to apply stocking. Slip Sock may be removed by pulling gently through the toe opening of the stocking.

Ankle Brace

  • dr-foot-ankle-braceFEATURING COOLMAX: Fabric lining to keep you cool and comfortable
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Design allows for an easy, custom fit
  • SUPPORT: Provide support for the ankle tendons and joints
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: Also effective for weak ankles post surgery, or ankle arthritis
  • DESIGN: Open heel design allows a wide range of motions during activity

Metatarsal pad

  • dr-foot-metatarsal-padProtects and cushions the forefoot
  • Keeps feet from sliding forward in shoes
  • Prevents calluses from forming in the Metatarsal area
  • Shock absorbent to minimize pressure and friction
  • Thin design
  • Washable and reusable
  • Adheres directly onto the foot or into footwear – self-sticking

Heel pad

  • dr-foot-heel-padMade with molded medical-grade soft silicone which helps reduce strain, shock and vibration to joints
  • Protect your heel pain and alleviate your ankle muscle fatigue. Helps target your heel and promote relief.
  • Helps relief plantar fasciitis and reduces heel pain as you walk. The blue area contains soft gel support for the center of your heel.

Features dual density soft gel silicone to prevent heel impact and provides even pressure distribution for better all day comfort.

Corn Pad

  • dr-foot-corn-padrelieve shoe pressure and friction on feet
  • Soft latex foam.
  • Self-stick waterproof adhesive holds cushion in place
  • Designed to stay on all day. Provides immediate and all-day pain relief.

Bunion Pad

  • dr-foot-bunion-padEases bunion pain and provides proper toe alignment
  • Reduces pressure on MP joint
  • Patented design provides protection between the hallux toe and shoe
  • Product easily slips over the hallux toe
  • comforts
  • It is a thin profile design so can be worn in most footwear.
  • Made from Gelx mineral oil gel

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