Laser Scanner

dr-foot-laser-scannerLaser scanner is vision systems to calculate the depth and surface information of the objects in the scene.

Laser Scanner easy-foot-scan captures. It`s providing high resolution in high speed. The data is acquired in several directions at once in just a few seconds.

the Capture image scanning system enables a neutral, non-weight-bearing foot position while scanning. Using this technology, physicians can achieve superior results that lead to optimal patient outcomes.

Performance Laboratories believes that applying the right orthotic technology is most effective when targeting individual patient requirements.

The benefits and features of the Sharp Shape Scanner are

  • The 3D Laser Imager accurately captures shapes even with limited patient movement
  • No eye protection necessary when scanning
  • Foot metrics, shoe size, arch type, heel type
  • Portable scanner connects directly to a computer
  • Suitable for prosthetic and orthotic applications

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